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What do members get out of it?

Firstly it's about promoting the existence of your business and the service you provide.

In addition it's an opportunity for businesses to sit down and have a less formal chat about all aspects of business, such as how people do things, best business practice and management.

Finally, and most importantly, it is about supporting each others' business and helping them to grow by passing quality referrals to each other.

Do members have to attend each meeting?

No, we recognise that it's not always possible for a member to attend each meeting. However it is fair to say if you do not attend on a regular basis then it is unlikely you will get the maximum benefit from your membership. The more frequently you attend, the more likely it is that other group members will remember you, and recommend your services.

What type of businesses do you accept?

We accept any size business, from sole traders upwards.

There is no real restriction on the type of business either, the one stipulation is that in general you should not be in direct competition with any other existing member. However we recognise that in some instances there may be an 'overlap' between an existing members' business and that of a potential member and, providing the existing member does not mind, this should not be a barrier to you joining.

How much does membership cost?

The annual fee is £50, in addition to this there is a cost for your breakfast which is payable directly to the venue.

Our Members Say

"Joining Medina Business Exchange was one of the best decisions we made for our business"
Julie, Carpets ETC

"I have not only had referrals from the group, I have improved my presentation skills and confidence in dealing with clients"
Richard, Dixcey Landscapes

"To be honest I was sceptical about the whole 'networking thing', but I'm happy to say I have been proved wrong."
David, Vectis WebDesign

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